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When things get a little out of hand.

A friend of mine asked me today,
If he could go out with you
He told me he could cherish you better than I
Considering now that we are through

That that that that that’s ok
Get get get get away
“It’s okay I guess since there’s not much left from our relationship
Stop apologizing, I’m not that hurt anyways
Just please be a better boyfriend to her”

I couldn’t tell him that I still have sleepless nights because of you
Although I’d cheered my friend on and sent him off with a forced smile, oh girl!

Oh can’t you see I’m still loving you
My heart’s not yet ready to let you go

"No man will ever claim you unless he claims you from Me. For I have reserved a man for you who has My heart and loves Me even more than he will for you. For I won't give you unless he asks you from Me. He's asleep, don't wake him! He's busy for Me, My Kingdom. Soon you will know him, but I have the perfect time. You're My PRINCESS, My DAUGHTER. Let no prince claim you unless he asks you from My hand for I am your FATHER, the KING OF KINGS. You, My princess, are worth loving for."

As much as I missed his presence, I couldn't trust him. And I was right not to trust him. From the moment he decided to suddenly contact me again, it sounded suspicious. So what I did was, checked his wall (FB) for clues. Oh, I didn't just waste my time, 'cause I found out something -- that he got played by another girl. So, what does that make me? His rebound? Nah-uh. I don't think so. Will never happen. I didn't just break away from my previous relation -- not to mention it already reached over 2 years -- for nothing. And there's just NO WAY I'm ever going to fall in love again for the next 5 or 6 years. NAH-UH. As of the moment, I see guys as... stones. Except for SHINee, of course. Hoho! :)


I'm gonna do my best to keep the rules as long as I'm here
Not gonna be the one that rains on parades
Don't want to be above and won't allow myself to be beneath my peers
It's not an attitude it's just a job I've got to do to finish my race

Teacher, parent, lover, boss, don't expect me to respect you more than me
I can't afford to bet on anybody but myself
I hope you get me 'cause I'd love to hang around but should I make 93
All there's gonna be is me and if I can help it history will tell

I didn't think being a first-born could be this hard. I'm already in that particular moment where I might just go crazy for keeping everything to myself. Oh, well. Might as well get used to it for the next couple of years.


I'm off. To eat ramyun~

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