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안녕히 가세요

It's like a very thick rope that once held my life together was cut. I let it all go -- this time, not even thinking twice. And just like that, the other side of the rope was covered with dark clouds. With that broken rope I tied a knot, not wanting to lose everything I've learned from the experience. I wanted the knot to stay and be the evidence that once in my life... I had the opportunity to explore a world that's different from mine. I knew I had to end it, the sooner the better. If I didn't end it, will I be able to see what He has prepared for me? Will I not regret it if I kept it intact? There was my will... then His.

If I hadn't let go, I wouldn't be able to have a wonderful reconciliation with some of the people that I held, and is still holding, dear. Truly, He made a way. He had it all planned according to His will. It really was an answered prayer. The way His hand moves, the way things are, the way He made me feel assured. I AM THANKFUL AND BLESSED. Letting it all go without having to go through so much pain, this really is His making.

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