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Yay for my new layout! Just found this somewhere in Blogskins. My brother has been complaining about my previous layout. He says, "Ate! Ang hirap naman nito pa-scroll right pa. Then pa-scroll left pag nasa dulo na ng righ!". So I thought of changing it for his sake. PFFT! Goodbye Mr. Snail. Goodbye Mr. Dog. And Goodbye Ms. Ladybug. :(

Anyway, today was Krystal's graduation. She's finally finished kinder! Yay for her. :> As usual, they pulled me in to take lots of pictures. I was exhausted, REALLY. To have you stand in between people who are taller than you, can you imagine the feeling? And they were all using Nikon, PFFT! We also get to watch Kean command the entrance and exit of colors - his voice was really big, and uhm, scary. :< From now on, I promise not to punch Kean even if it's child's play. I might get yelled at with his newly trained COCC Voice.

We get to eat sizzling tofu at Maxx's afterwards. How great is that? :3 I'll post some of Krystal's graduation picture tomorrow (or maybe the day after tomorrow). Eh! I'll just post it when I'm not feeling lazy.

Seeing your siblings accomplish something makes you think of your own accomplishments. Ever since I stepped into college, all I can ever give to Papa is a headache and a pocket-ache (my tuition fee's quite expensive, you know). I really am doing my best but I just suck at programming. :| It really depresses me whenever I think about it -- how our cousins get gold medals, certificates, etc... and I don't. Sometimes I just wish I never took IT as my course. If I took a different course, something that I'm good at, then maybe I can make 'em proud. But it's too late, and there's no other choice.

Someday, I promise.. I'll show them that their sacrifices didn't go to waste.

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