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Yes, I'm angry at the moment. And yes, my face looks exactly like that as I type this entry. It's been 4 years since this pest came ruining not only my life, but part of my family as well. The only way to get rid of this leech is to tell my Dad about it -- but of course I'm not yet allowed to that. Why? Simple. I want to make my Father proud first and prove to him that I'm in the right position to lay out statements that he's unaware of.

I just can't stand it anymore. Whenever this leech comes into our house, I feel like my house freedom is being taken from me! Seriously.

When he's around,

... I can't sit like a man.
... I can't watch TV whenever I want to.
... I can't eat in my usual eating position.
... I can't keep my door open.
... I can't watch anime/movies because he's always downloading something.
... I can't take a shower.
... When I get the chance to take a shower, I can't come out with just a towel on.
... I can't watch TV in peace 'cause he starts to rant random stuff.
... I can't lie down on the long sofa. Well, as you can see, he always sits there.
... I can't pee with the bathroom door open.
... I can't hang around the kitchen.

So, I'll prolly end up locking myself up in my room. It's frustrating, really! I can't move around my own house freely. The worst part of it is that I get to smell his stinky body! He walks in front of you and you think you can just ignore the smell? THINK AGAIN! Even if he takes a shower, nothing changes. Golly, what am I gonna do with this pest? He's 27, didn't graduate, no job, no permanent house. HELL!

My head hurts already. :| I should just ignore him.. ignore everything... like what I've been for the past 4 years.... IGNORE...
But I definitely can't ignore his smell.

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