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She gave me my start
I'm gonna keep her in my heart
My love for my mother
Mama showed me the right way
By the path that she laid
I think about my mother
Mama gave me her love
Then when she went on to glory on the wings
Now she's looking down on me
She's looking down on me

Bestfriend, Mentor, Sister ... MOTHER -- Throughout my life, she's been clinging on to me, never wanting to let go of her baby girl. In her eyes and heart, I'm still her little girl. She still loves to play around with my hair, kiss me when I wake up, hug me when I'm about to cry, treat my little wounds, laugh at my jokes, listen to my every story, and most of all ... make sure that every step I take is pleasing to our redeemer.

She taught me how to love people, and not let hatred take over my heart. Many people praise me for the way I dress myself, but what they don't know is that my Mother is the one who tells me what looks hot. So, now you know -- she still loves to play dress-up with me, though I'm already 19.

Because of her weird actions, we never feel bored. She defends us whenever we're scolded by Papa. She molded me into the woman I am now.


Together with my siblings,

we would like Mrs. Daisy Aida Jo Valdez to know that we love her so much and we thank her for all the things that she has to go through just to give us comfort. We thank God for giving us a Mother like you. You ... ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR. (:

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