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December 2009

I think I might have been a little too busy lately - with school, friends, family. During my Christmas break (less than 2 weeks), my family did nothing but spend time with each other. My cousins from Dumaguete and Australlia came home for Christmas, so we took the time to really catch up with each other. I love family bondings, I really do. You get to share a lot of stories, play a little music, and eat a lot of food with your cousins.

There are really some things that you can't do with anyone else but your cousins. This is why I love the month of December! Not only do you remember the birth of our Redeemer, Jesus, but also create new memories with your family. It's actually a huge break from all the stress brought to you by your school or your office.

So, for Christmas, we did a lot of....
EATING! =D Well, actually it's just the same as with New Year's Eve. Haha.
Oh, I almost forgot. We went to Bangkok, Thailand ! Wee. But only for a couple of days. I did all the shopping while my siblings did all the eating. Haha !

Photographs ! We definitely love the cameraaaaa. <3

2:34 PM Photobucket