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Tears behind laughters.

Don't know how long I can hold on to this pain, but I'm guessing if this situation continues then I'd probably let go of it. 6 months? I'm quite amazed how I managed to prolong my patience. Everytime he gets mad over some things, there's no doubt that I'd be the one to suffer all his harsh rantings. I wouldn't mind if his rantings come with respect, but NO - it's as if I'm not is girlfriend anymore. He suddenly turns into a stranger. There are over 10000000000000000 people in this world that he can give his anger to! Hell! Why do I have to be the one to take it all in? Though I think it's oddly unfair, I just keep quiet and let all these cruelties pass. I love him. GOD! Isn't it obvious? I know he loves me too, a lot.. but the respect isn't there anymore. Many times I tried to let go, buy I definitely can't.

I love you. Even though the pain is already excruciating.

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