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Tough VS. Tough Love (Ft. Twisted & Ironhand)

Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.

S'been a while since I last bonded with the girls. Seems like I had a lot of catching up to do. With my absence, I missed almost every little detail that has been going with them (I blame MAPUA !). Though I hadn't been able to spend more time with them, they still treat me like I was with them all the time. Nothing changed, except with our haircuts. :) Somehow they all looked different to me - Micah had her hair with straight bangs (she's more like Katy Perry's look-a-like), Abbie looked a lot like her Auntie, and Osan with her Katrina Halili haircut (To Osan: Bwahahaha ! I know you'll kill me for having said that).

Because it's just now that we had our 'little reunion', we took the time to update each other with the latest issues (but mostly they just updated me. nya-ha !). You know your secrets are safe to tell when you share it with the people you truly, deeply love. It's like I can never tell these kind of things to other people other than my bestfriends (and bebe of course ♥). Things are totally different when I'm with my non-C friends. I feel like there's this 'thing' that bonds me with my girls. ♥

OKAAAAYYYY. Since vanity is our middle name, here are some of our picture moments. ♥

@Amici. Osan testing our camera phone.

@Amici. Osan & I. While waiting for our pizza :D.

@Amici. Vain me. :P

@Amici. Abbie the Math Whiz. :D

@Amici. Micah's poker face. LOL.

@Lia's. Abbie & Osan having a one-on-one conversation.

@Lia's. Micah & I. While waiting for our cakes to be served.

@Lia's. Making faces with Micah. :p

@Lia's. M I C A H !

@Lia's. Hi Mic ! xD

@Lia's. Osan & I. Micah probably took this picture. Yes, I think she did.

@Lia's. I'm with Katrina Halili. Haha. Love you, Osanation. ♥

@Lia's. Glasses filled with water. Obviously.

@Lia's. Delicious sweets. ♥

I Love You Abbie, Micah & Osan. :)

5:18 PM Photobucket