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A night to remember :D

Actually, it was a whole day event but I came late (as always). My stupid CPU was busted and so I had to take it to Kuya Rene (near hubby's place) to get it fixed. But Kuya Rene told me that my stupid power supply was broken and that it won't run properly unless I replace it with a new power supply. Where can I get 450.00php for my CPU? I am totally broke. My N70's LCD got broken too. I need a total of 1,500php to get it done. Here's my wishlist this Christmas:

-Brand new Power Supply for my busted CPU.

-1,500php for my poor N70.

-An additional Memory card for my PC to function properly.

-Or you can get me a new processor. :D :D

I really need them badly *puppy eyes*.

Well anyway, I got back to our house at around 6:30 in the evening. The girls were already texting me so I hurried and hurried.. and hurried. Yea. They were watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith when I arrived. I know, I know.. I'm always missing in action. :D Not my fault - blame my computer for not functioning well.

After the guys left, we watched more DVDs then finally decided to start our night's agenda. Thanks to Micah the great, we ended up Geisha-ing! LOL. The night was a lot of fun! It seems like the laughter replaced my exhaustion. :) Abbie wasn't able to parteeh with us but at least she texted us :D We miss you, Aqua!

We played dress up - just like when we were little. Sounds corny? Naw. :D Feels like you're with the most important people in your life and you just want to share your joy with them. Never degraded, never stepped on. :) Each and every sister shares an equal amount of love. Loving. Sharing. Laughing. Caring. <3

Merry Christmas, Girls! :)

1:10 PM Photobucket