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Super Friends :]

It's been a while since our last bonding moment - if I'm not mistaken, our last food trip happened during THEIR summer vacation (YES, I'm bitter because I don't have a summer vacation nor the-so-called sembreak). Feels like forever! But when I saw Cheska, I was like, "OMG! You're here! You're really here!" - okay, WE get emotional at times ha-ha. Then I received an SMS from Osan, asking us to save her a seat. This is it. This is really IT. :] Just as I predicted, we ended up at Trinoma after the service. I really missed hanging out with these pretty ladies =D

We're extremely excited about Micah's upcoming birthday celebration at the Manila Hotel on Friday! We talked about how awkward this night will be - upon knowing those who're invited. But hey, it's Micah's night! Making this night special for her will be my first priority. I love you, Micah :]

And so I cleared things with Abi, I really thought I was going to lose her back then. How I just wish this stupid issue to stop - REALLY stop. I can't stand to see her like that. When all else fail, she'd probably end up alone (or with her mighty boyfriend). Oh, well. I'll keep my hopes up, pray for her.

More pics (ha-ha. I'm in a good mood today!):

3:12 PM Photobucket