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Keeping it real? Hell, yeah!

Today, I've learned something very important - not all your friends understand how you really feel even if they say they do. Yes, they love you. But they have the tendency to turn their backs on you - the kind of pain that stabs you directly in the heart. I've been trying so hard to keep our friendship as intact as possible, but I guess all my efforts have gone down the drain. Instead, I'll keep my hold to those who really care - I can count them with my 10 fingers <3

Osan and Cheska - they continue to love me despite my imperfections. Being miserable isn't that bad when you have friends like them. My friendship with them is not bound with commitment, but LOVE. We may not always be together - college is a hindrance - but our hearts will always be connected. With them, I can be as crazy as I want to be. I will never trade these girls for anything/anyone. Oh, you may call them 'lame' or anything that will satisfy your evilness, but they're the coolest dudes ever! =D

To both of you:
I know i've been missing out a lot these days, but I want you to know that I LOVE YOU. There's nothing in this crazy world that can change that fact. We don't need to show everyone what we're made of - being together is already enough. Distance can never break our bond. I miss you both <3

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