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To the Queen of the World. xD

Yes, I know I'm not beautiful (in your eyes maybe haha!). I didn't know you were backstabbing me until someone told me about all your rantings. Hmm.. May I ask you some questions?
If I'm the immature one, then why are you making a big deal out of my debut? Is it because you weren't invited?

I don't want to make this issue more complicated than it already is. BUT, I have to defend myslef. Your entry is a bit suspicious, though. That's not the real story, and you know it. Just so you know, I never wanted to be in the spotlight. So go ahead, it's all yours. You can take all the recognitions you want from the world :D I pity you, though, getting affected with my presence. It just so happened that people love me, that's why they went to my debut. :] And I thought you were the smart and mature one? XD

The overnight wasn't my fault. I really AM sick, my parents didn't allow me to go. I needed to go to church the next morning to feed myself spiritually because I wasn't able to have my quiet time the night that I got sick. You even told me that my debut won't be a loss anyway... so why are you so affected? :)) Another, I am not afraid of you - taking the spotlight away from me. My debut wasn't about MYSELf - It's about all the blessings that God has given me. This life is not all about ME. It's all about HIM. So please... stop backstabbing me. I never thought of posting an entry about you, about all your insults. Why are you so mad? It's just normal for me to have many friends..

I was actually shocked with what I've read. I didn't invite you to my debut because you can't understand the fact that I was actually sick and that I really can't force myself into going to that overnight. I said I was sorry, but I guess your mind is still that narrow to understand anything.

I know Mark told me not to blog about this issue, but I still have to defend myself somehow. And about that 'childhood issue'.. the crush crush thingy, that's not really what happened. :D Yes, I was crushing the guy that you're involved with, but I never told him I had a crush on him =D When he calls me, all we talk about is YOU, nothing more. I told him how wonderful a person you are... but I never thought of stealing him from you. I can't believe you thought maliciously towards us.

You've gone far enough. Just the same, I never want to see you. EVER. :D

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