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Strawberries and Champagne :]

Today's the final day of our final examinations and also the start of my sleepless nights. Why? Because I can be pretty curious about the result of the exams. I won't be able to sleep well until I'm rest assured that my grades are ALL okay. I'm not sure if I'll pass one subject, though, and you have to REALLY hate me if I fail this subject - ENGLISH. It's not my fault that my prof is so demanding. Here's a scene to prove her annoying attitude:

She told us to write a business e-mail and send it to her so that she could e-mail us back with her comments (criticisms to be exact). Then I showed my draft to my Dad, unfortunately he said that it's very informal. So my Dad wrote the e-mail for me. Then my demanding-slash-moody prof gave me the most horrifying grade that you can get - 3.00. I was so annoyed with her demanding attitude that I almost screamed when our class was dismissed. She's like my nightmare! NO, I stand corrected, SHE IS OUR NIGHTMARE! Pam, my super articulate classmate, only got 2.5~2.75 for her e-mail. Our prof is soooo unreasonable!


Oh, well. It's not worth passing the subject if you're not enjoying it anyway. She made my favorite subject a living hell. Everytime she step into the room, my heart beats faster and faster. Might as well get a 5.00 than talk things out with her. She can't seem to understand the feelings of her students. She's so.... aaarrgghh! >_<

But anyway, I enjoyed my almost everything that happened today. I bonded with my schoolmates - Nikki, Nica, Donnah and Paul. We don't get to see each other everyday, so we took the opportunity to spend time with each other (since we finished the exam for like 20-30 minutes only :p). I missed all of them! I missed Jam, she wasn't there when we hung out. I really love being with them <3 It's as if there's no other school meant for each one of us, except mapua.

Then my husband arrived and we all decided to go home. :)

Everything went well today.. and i loved it. I loved everything in my life, and I thank my Creator for that.

Oh! btw, my Mom bought me my most favorite scent of Victoria's Secret - Strawberries and Champagne! <3

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