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Just finished reading Stephenie Meyer's New Moon. I can't believe I have nothing left to read... again. The book was full of heart-breaking moments - Edward parting from Bella, Jacob avoiding Bella, Harry dying, etc. Edward's words to Bella made me burst into tears. But there's nothing to worry, there was a happy ending anyway. I didn't get enough sleep for 2 days, all because of this book - I almost became one of them. My hands can't seem to let go of the book - eating while reading, organizing schedules while reading, sitting in front of the monitor but still reading. Lucky it's my sembreak-slash-enrollment week. I still got 4 days to buy the sequel - Eclipse.

Finally, I was able to at least finish a year at Mapua. Somehow I'm glad I stayed - my grades turned out good, well, some of them are not. But I have no failing mark, for this term at least =P. I was thinking maybe, just MAYBE, I can really be a Mapuan graduate. IF, and only if, I have the discipline to do so - less playing hours, less malling, less reading (for non-academic purposes), less texting... LESS ALL. Yea, maybe it won't hurt to try - if not for myself, at least for my parents. My Dad seemed relieved when I reported to him the improvement of my grades - and that, my friend, is a better feeling than that of my debut. I'll strive harder next term (next week haha!).

Well, I'm off to take a bath. I've been dying to take a bath.

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