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Yet again.

I have been asked (yet again) by the elders around me if I have a boyfriend. These elders didn't just come from my relatives, but now my Appa's subordinates are involved. Coincidentally, they have a new trainee which happened to be the same age as me. Oh, the joy. How I wish they'd stop love-matching me to people I barely know.

I, Krizsa Ruth Jo Valdez, will not accept any man unless he dances Noona Neomu Yeppeo in front of me. Oh ho ho ho~

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And you thought I'd forgotten.

Greeting Jek a happy, happy 22nd birthday. 생일 축하 해요!


I was supposed to blog about something, but then I felt lazy 'cause I just got home. So, maybe laturr. Eating oreo for lunch. Nomnomnom.

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Hemophobia + Herpetophobia.

Yes, I have them both. I've known for 20 years now that I have a fear of reptiles, but I didn't know that I have this huge fear of blood, too. Until the I collapsed the second time around.

First time was 2 months ago. I accidentally had a deep cut on my left hand (careless much). I've always been known to be a bleeder, even when I go to a dentist the dentist would say how much a bleeder I am. So, anyway, my blood was dripping like hell, not to mention it dripped on our white, flawless, floor tiles. My mom, her being a nurse and everything, took care of my injury. But it was too late. My senses got cut-off one by one. My eyelids became heavy, my hearing gone, my lips turned pale. Next thing I knew, I was lying on our couch.

Second time was yesterday. I didn't think it'd seriously happen again. Seriously! Oh, come on, I'm a girl. How can I be afraid of blood? I experience menstruation every month! Original plan was, we (Stef and I) will be donating blood at Red Cross ('cause they hold blood donation events every at our school every semester). I really wanted to try donating blood, I couldn't even sleep properly because of my excitement. Then finally, Wednesday came, and it was finally time for us to have our blood donated. Yay for me!http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif We finished writing down essential information about us regarding blood donation and how we are fully aware about HIV being passed on through blood contact, and blah blah blah. First, we needed to get our blood tested, the one where they prick your ring finger and extract blood and put it in a small and narrow straw. I gulped, MIND OVER MATTER, MIND OVER MATTER. I kept telling myself that, and was happy with my accomplishment ('cause I actually stared at the guy nurse holding my left hand extracting blood from my finger). I really thought I made it, but unfortunately, I DIDN'T. Then it started. I started feeling numb, my ears can't hear anything anymore, my lips felt cold, my eyes closed and I can't see, to open them. Next thing I knew, I was lying on a hospital bed. How ironic. I was just getting my blood tested and here I was, collapsing like a fool. The doctors and nurses came in, and started telling non-sense. They asked me if I ever fainted at the sight of blood before, and I honestly answered '... Yes'. They checked my blood pressure and stuff, and told me that while some guy was carrying me (because I fainted at our lobby, yes, how embarrassing), my eye sockets were turning. They told me off, that I can't donate blood for the rest of my life until I vanquish my Hemophobia. Also told me to be careful, 'cause I might collapse anytime I encounter blood that comes from an injury (luckily menstruation is out of the question).

So, now, not only do I fear creepy, crawling things... I ALSO FEAR BLOOD. Great, just... Ugh. :| I seriously don't want to go around collapsing in front of everybody and be carried to a hospital guy by some random dude again. I'm avoiding you, Blood. Seriously.

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Bought something red. ♥

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